Sequoia Orthodontics

Located just south of San Francisco, the average patient at Sequoia Orthodontics is well educated, environmentally conscious, and on-the-move. And while things do move quickly in the Silicon Valley, people are still looking for unique, outside-the-norm experiences. With this in mind, we set out to create a modern, responsive identity for SQO that would stand out in a crowded orthodontic market.

Branding, Applications

It was important that we didn't create a typical orthodontic logo and just pair it was some great colors. We wanted to create a unique logo mark that could stand alone and be recognizable at any scale.

Using the Sequoia as a symbolic element, we created a unique "S" mark that is balanced and professional with no frills.

Drawing inspiration from the great Sequoias, we created multiple woodgrain patterns that could be utilized across all brand touchpoints or applications.

The Sequoia orthodontics color palette was pulled directly from nature. As you can imagine, this was an easy decision for us to make. Once we had a primary green and a lovely deep blue/green, the secondary colors came naturally. This gave us a versatile, yet relatively analog color palette that will help create and maintain consistency for years to come.

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