NinjaCat was quickly outgrowing their previous identity. They approached us in need of an update to drive their revised language and growth outlook. There was a good amount of existing equity in the previous brand identity so we laced up with a goal to refresh and redirect.


The Approach

NinjaCat's previous logo had several structural and technical flaws. The most obvious was the lack of a single-color version. We also noted a lack of readability in the wordmark and that the mascot felt a bit unfinished.

We wanted to develop a more versatile identity system for NinjaCat and this started with separating the symbol from the wordmark. This gave NinjaCat an identifier that feels elevated and unique on an enterprise level.

The "cat head" already had a lot of character but it lacked versatility and precision. We recreated the cat head in a single-color format and built the symbol from a series of mathematically pure shapes — you'll see this a bit further down the page.

The Result

We updated the wordmark and "cat head" (mascot) to have loads of personality and appear more excited. We also created a design system that includes new art direction and brand elements to support the updated colors, typography, and logos.

We'll talk more about each piece as we move through this page. It would take a long time to share everything that we created with the team at NinjaCat, but we're excited to share a few snapshots from this holistic rebrand.

What We Delivered

• Logos
• Color Palettes
• Typography
• Design System

• Art Direction
• Iconography
• Pitch Deck Templates
• Website Design & Launch

• Company Culture Merch
• Digital Illustrations
• Brand Guidelines

The new NinjaCat wordmark is modern and simple, evoking a sense of quality and ease-of-use. The NinjaCat mascot symbol is built from a mathematically perfect base. We believe that simple shapes create structure and usability within logo design.

Art Direction

We created a lot of unique elements for the NinjaCat brand system. This was a shift from the previous, loosely-structured and illustration-based direction. The dual-edged focus of this redirection was to create a sense of quality and personal service.

With this in mind, we started with the angles of the mascot - matching them to that of the custom wordmark. This concept made its way into digital collateral as did the simple shapes by which the wordmark are built. The letters within the wordmark are built from simple shapes - just like the updated mascot. All of this was crafted intentionally to reflect the QUALITY of the brand.

Another piece of the design system we called whiteboard elements. These circles, underlines, arrows, and other various "scribbled" elements are used to create a sense of personal service and creativity.

One more element in the NinjaCat identity system is the use of simple shapes. These are incorporated as both image masks and stacked/clustered as building blocks.

These identity system elements, along with layout, photography, and hierarchy rules comprise the NinjaCat art direction.

When I was looking for a designer to lead a visual brand refresh for our company, I was grateful to receive a referral to Wise Design from a trusted colleague. Andrew is a talented designer and provides exceptional customer service from start to finish. Working with Wise Design has been a delight. They deliver high-quality design on a speedy timeline. I am thrilled with the end result of our new brand identity and website!

Jessica Graeser
VP of Marketing

More from this project coming soon...
For now, go check out - the updated web experience we crafted for NinjaCat.

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