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We had the opportunity to partner with Cosmo Concierge and undertake a rebranding effort that was pivotal to their growth and desire to increase their reach.

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Cosmo Concierge is all about meeting clients where they are. Everyone's story is different and just as messy as the next. Cosmo takes a personal approach to finance - building relationships and tailoring solutions.

The art direction that we create Cosmo is based around the use of unstructured geometric shapes. These are used to represent each clients story while giving a nod to wadded paper - a symbol of the frustration of budgeting and bookkeeping.

We also saw the value in showing smiling faces throughout brand applications. "Get To Your Better" was a common phrase spoken within the discovery process for this project. We wanted to show people at their better - the result of partnering with Cosmo.

The yellow and pink within the brand color palette are representative of the energetic, feminine, personal touch of the Cosmo brand and its owner. The web blue and green represent finance.

Together - "personal finance."

We love working with brands that are passionate about people. It was such a pleasure to partner with Cosmo and we couldn't be happier with how their brand identity turned out - perfectly embodying all of the culture, personality, and goals of the company and helping grow and win new clients.

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