Conscious Coconut

Based in Tampa, Florida, Conscious Coconut is a social enterprise fueled by love. They are committed to giving everyone the tools to live their healthiest, happiest lives. They work directly with their farmers, all products are packaged by adults with developmental disabilities, and they donate a meal through Feeding America with each product sale. All this makes their trademark “not your ordinary coconut oil” true by all accounts.

Art Direction, Product Photography

When shooting Conscious Coconut products, it is essential to communicate a clean and organic lifestyle. In most Conscious Coconut shots, we used light and shadow to frame the product. This provided minimal but strong support to showcase each unique product.

Conscious Coconut focuses on how simple yet life-changing their product is, so it was important to have photography to support that very sentiment. A very simply staged shot that was also dramatic and intriguing was on brand.

Their target audience is in their words “everyone”. That can be a very daunting task to take on, that is why it was so important to have a neutral photo setting

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