Caleb Pierce Productions

Caleb Pierce is a Director/DP based out of Pensacola, FL with a passion for helping businesses and organizations tell their unique story through video and photo.

Branding, Art Direction, Applications

Having previously worked as a freelancer under just his name, Caleb Pierce came to us looking to expand his brand and create an identity system that would appeal to larger commercial clients in a variety of industries.

The logo mark that we created for Caleb Pierce Productions is symbolic of video framing and the utilization of the rule of thirds.

We wanted to create a lot of variety and fun with the palette while not distracting from the incredible imagery and video that Caleb produces.

The result was an extensive color palette inspired by 80's and 90's design trends that would stand out when used in large block format.

All photos, ©Caleb Pierce.

Real People. Real Stories.

This tagline practically wrote itself. Caleb Pierce is passionate about meeting people and telling stories. We wanted to pair this simple phrase with beautifully framed images of real people.

The result was some seriously dramatic and emotional brand collateral.

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