April 12, 2021 — Andrew

In the Making

Our incredibly talented friend, Caleb Pierce recently began his journey as a coffee cart connoisseur. Scratch that. This journey began all the way back in 2018. Caleb and I were working together at a little advertising agency in Pensacola and he had this great idea for he and his wife to open a little coffee shop that was all about makers and creative culture. They asked me to be a part of this by helping them with the brand image and art direction. Of course I was in.

Fast forward 3 years and this thing is finally happening. A long time in the making. I never doubted the Pierces would crush it in the coffee game but they're already so well known just months into this. It helps that they already had an incredible reputation as creatives in the area.

I want to spill the beans (lol) about the purpose behind the brand name and art direction and I will when we show you some more of the work we did for them. But for now, check them out on Instagram and tell them Andrew Wiseman sent you!

All photos, ©Pierce Visuals


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